Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yesterday Was A Beautiful Day And I Almost Missed It

Yesterday truly was a beautiful day, and I almost missed it.

My heart breaks for all of those who have succumbed to the dark pressures of depression and are no longer with us.  That sentence does not say enough for them, but they are in my thoughts, especially days like today.  I believe some might even be angels, giving me strength and helping me last this long and make it to this great emotional place.

I was able to witness a milestone for little Michael.  He is out of kindergarten and officially a 1st grader!  So technically, I have two 1st graders right now, since Sophia is still in school until Friday.

It's hard to believe that a few weeks ago I was telling my husband I didn't care about being around for any of our children's graduations, weddings, anything...

I am so grateful for friends and family that reminded me of their love for me, and gave me strength.  Don't ever pass up an opportunity to tell someone you love them.  You never know- YOU might be the only person in the world they believe.

To all those having a down day, week or month...or more...think happy thoughts, surround yourself with loving, genuine people and remember that whether or not you feel it or believe it, YOU ARE LOVED, NEEDED and PRICELESS.  Luv, Eva


Keaven Neely said...

I seem to go through the exact same thing all the time. Right now is one of those moments when I don't care about seeing that future. But after years of this, I know that I won't feel this way forever. I never know how long it will last, but I do know that at some point, it will pass, and I'll feel like myself again... I'll care again. Thank you for your courage to post this. It's not an easy thing to admit.

Eva Melissa Barnett said...

Thank you for YOUR COURAGE! <3 I'm convinced that we need to all be more open about these moments of emptiness, however long they last. We will either find friends who are enduring the same emotions and join our support team :), or find love and compassion from others who haven't been there but still want to help, and will learn and grow from doing so. Love you!