Why do you write SO much??!!

I write because I need reminders of why I do what I do.  I daily forget how important my job as a mother is.  Writing about the beautiful moments, the fun days, the crazy-silly things we do, helps me loosen up and remember what matters most- that I'm teaching my kids they are LOVED.

Why do you take so many pictures?!

I grew up with a set of albums called "The Family Bookie."  It was a favorite past time to grab a book, go sit on Daddy's lap and relive a favorite family vacation.  My Dad said I took his love for pictures and record keeping to the next level.  I take pictures so I can remember these precious moments.  I know in a few short years, my kids will be "too cool" to hang out with me so often.  But I hope by looking at these pictures together we can remember everything our family is built on- traditions, fun & faith.  Pictures, looking at life through a lens, helps me slow down time and live in the moment...again and again.

What kind of camera do you use?

Though I dream of getting something bigger someday, right now I feel blessed to have a Cannon T3i.  But I started out with a 5MP Kodak Easy Share- a more simple camera than most people's cell phones have.  And some of my favorite photos came from this camera.  It's the subject and composition that make a great photo.  But I REALLY love the Cannon I have now.  I saved a long time to get it, along with the standard 18-55 mm lens it comes with.  I ADORE my 50 mm lens which I use the most.  I also really appreciate my zoom 75-300mm lens my hubby bought me.  It's a humble start compared to some photographers, but every piece was hard earned and I'm grateful to have them to hep preserve my family history.

What do you use to edit your photos?

I am a BIG FAN of Picassa which can be downloaded for FREE.  I used just that and Gimp (also free) for a couple years before buying any editing software.  Now I still use Picassa, and also Corel & Photoshop.  These only enhance the qualities of a good photo- I can't use them to make an awful picture good.  Composition and lighting come from the photographer and a good crop can go a long way!  

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